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Thank you for visiting the Messier-Broullire Funeral Home website. We have been serving Manistique and its surrounding communities for over 50 years. We have funeral homes located in Manistique and Garden, Michigan and are committed to serving the area families and the community where we live. This website has been designed so that it is easy to use and we hope that you will find it helpful. Please see the added links for additional local information. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions and are always available to accomodate your questions and needs. Please contact us at 906-341-2442 or info@mbfuneral.com.

Kirk Peterson

Kirk E Peterson

04/28/40 - 04/17/14

Kirk E. Peterson, of 1245S N. Stanley Road, Manistique (Thompson), Michigan passed away April 17, 2014 at the Schoolcraft Medical ... View full obituary

Lenore Prezsnar

Lenore M Prezsnar

12/28/33 - 04/16/14

Lenore M. Prezsnar, 80, of 15937 Water Street, Garden, Michigan passed away April 16, 2014 at her home in Garden. ... View full obituary

Spencer Larson

Spencer Larson

05/27/39 - 04/15/14

Spencer B. Larson, age 74, of 394 Harborview Drive, Manistique, Michigan, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday evening, April 15, 2014 ... View full obituary

Dorothy Adkins

Dorothy M Adkins

01/25/41 - 04/14/14

Dorothy M. Adkins, 73, of 7630W Houghton Road, Manistique, Michigan died unexpectedly on April 14, 2014 at her home in ... View full obituary

Nelly Carey

Nelly A Carey

04/08/41 - 04/09/14

Nelly Ann Carey, age 73, of 507 Alger Avenue, Manistique, Michigan, passed away Wednesday morning, April 9, 2014, at her ... View full obituary

Elmer Martin

Elmer J Martin

01/19/30 - 04/05/14

Elmer J. Martin, 84, of 931 Manistique Avenue, Manistique, Michigan ... View full obituary

Lt. Col. Patrick Cullen

Lt. Col. Patrick Cullen

11/14/27 - 04/01/14

Longtime Ishpeming resident, Ret. Lt. Col. Patrick Cullen, age 86, ... View full obituary

George Bosanic

George M Bosanic

04/25/16 - 03/31/14

George M. Bosanic, 97, of 1320N Birch Street, Manistique, Michigan passed away March 31, 2014 at the Schoolcraft Medical Care ... View full obituary

Lois Nylander

Lois E Nylander

10/18/30 - 03/31/14

Lois E. Nylander, 83, of 162 N. Cedar Street, Manistique, Michigan passed away March 31, 2014 at the Schoolcraft Medical ... View full obituary

Hiram Peterson

Hiram J Peterson

05/29/43 - 03/31/14

 Hiram J. Peterson, 70, of 900 Steuben Street, Manistique, Michigan died March 31, 2014 at the Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital in ... View full obituary

Violet Freeland

Violet L Freeland

12/23/23 - 03/26/14

Violet L. Freeland, 90, of 609N Intake Park Road, Manistique, Michigan passed away March 26, 2014 at her residence at ... View full obituary

Robert Ellis

Robert P Ellis

06/04/26 - 03/24/14

Robert P. Ellis, 87, of 244 N. Cedar Street, Manistique died Monday, March 24, 2014 at home surrounded by his ... View full obituary

Susie Delome

Susie Delome

06/03/33 - 03/20/14

Obituary Susie E. Delome, age 80, of 625 Michigan Avenue, Manistique, Michigan, passed away Thursday morning, March 20, 2014, at ... View full obituary

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